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Login To Your Account

Enter the login information (username and password) provided by the course administrator or instructor. Click "Login" to log into your account.


Find Your Course

After login, you will see a list of courses you are enrolled in or courses available to you. Select the course you want to access.


Browse Courses

Within the course, explore the sections and materials provided by the instructor. Click on a section or module to access related materials or activities.


Access Learning Materials

If the instructor has provided learning materials, click on the link or resource to open it. Read or watch the provided materials, such as texts, videos, or presentations.


Take the Activity

Follow the instructor's instructions to participate in assigned activities, such as discussion forums, assignments, or quizzes. Submit assignments or quiz answers according to the instructions provided.


Interaction with Other Participants

If the instructor facilitates discussion forums or collaborative activities, participate and interact with other participants. Use collaboration features such as chat or forums to communicate.